Binary Boy

Binary Boy

Side scrolling game of flipping


  • Lots of ideas in a short time
  • Great pixel art
  • Good soundtrack
  • Simple controls


  • A couple of difficulty spikes

Very good

Binary Boy is a pixelated side scrolling game, based around flipping. Binary boy can only move left or right, and flip up or down to avoid obstacles or enemies.

This is a short game, but one which is constantly inventive. It occasionally reminds you of VVVVVV, which shared a flipping mechanic, although with different results. Binary Boy flips along his path, unlike Captain Viridian whose flipping reversed gravity. Each stage is very different, with an interesting boss battle at the end.

In general Binary Boy is not a difficult game, although it does have a couple of annoying spikes. If you die, you are returned to a check point, and usually these are very close. There is one area in particular that you have to complete in one go, where there are some tricky enemies to avoid.

The difficulty spikes don't spoil Binary Boy, as once you beat them the game will do something that makes you smile with its simple flipping mechanic. It gets more and more crazy as it goes along too, so it's it's disappointing that it has to end so soon.

Download Binary Boy now for 15 minutes of retro fun.

Binary Boy


Binary Boy

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